03.03.21 7:21 PM marks my journey through the EMCD discography. At the time of writing this, there have been 40 releases on EMCD. I'll be starting off with the first one, Electromagnetic Theoretical Perpetual Motion Machine Factory by MTS AIRMASS, the owner of the label. Before starting, I'm going to say that this review thing is totally subjective (as is with art/music over all) and this shouldn't be treated as some holy ranking list of EMCD's catalogue.

The Return Of Vitaman - Fun intro, can sense a bit of Pan Sonic influence. A mix of everything, raw data, rythmic noise, harsh noise. End is way more cohesive than the beginning is with its rythmic noise.

Hariet Tubman's Majestic Standing Ovation Of The 70s - More noise. I'd describe this track as a mix of Ryoji Ikeda (if it was more harsher in its distortion) and harsh noise parts. Again, a fun track, but in my opinion it's weaker than the intro.

If You Are Bankrupt, Is It Still Okay To Steal Small Children? (The Megamix) - First less noisier track on the album. Breakbeats over a variety of samples (the soulja boy acapella had me giggling for a good second). First part of the song was more enjoyable with its piano. A good break (pun not intended) from the previous, ear-fatiguing tracks.

So Similar Do I Too Prance Around In My Yellow Morph Suit (Medium Version) - Odd mix of harsh ambience (not really a genre, but let's roll with it) and drums, blended with eerie, hauting vocals, which remind me of b e g o t t e n 自杀 with it's way of sampling (don't know how I drew those parallels, with begotten being a vaporwave project). A bit towards the end of the song reminds me of None Friendly by gerogerigege. (perhaps intentional?). Nothing else to say really, a weird track, in a good way.

Eight Learn Cow Leave - Rythmic noise again. Suddenly turns into a mix of plunderphonics and noise.

Regularly Scheduled Interval - Shortest track on the album, clocking in mere 34 seconds. Ear-piercing noise. Sounds like something that would accompany you in your breakdown.

Police Yourself - Harsh ambience again. Metallic noises, TV static. More rythm. Would be more enjoyable, if there weren't as many high pitched sounds as there were.

Pompous Fat Man Thinks He Can Come Up With A Good Song Title - Finally, a track which doesn't want to blow my ears off. Simple, repetitive but enjoyable drum work. A lot of rattling hihats. The more ambient parts were great as well. I'd say this was the one of the highlights of the album.

An Anarchist's Guide To Letting A Vitamin Control The Government - If Eight Learn Cow Leave had a older, more mature brother, then it would be this. Track slowly gets better at the three minute mark, end turns into this plunderphony, Caretaker-y thing.. Is this what breakcore artists with Alzheimer will remember in their heads when they're living their last days? Maybe.

Throwing Powdered Eggs At My Neighbor's Dog For Not Caring Enough About My Problems - Raw data breakcore with jingle bells. If If Eight Learn Cow and An Anarchist's Guide To Letting A Vitamin Control The Government had an estranged cousin, who doesn't visit a lot, it would be this.

Depressed" Teenagers That Listen To "Real Music" - More vocals and plunderphonic! A welcoming surprise. Again, one of the highlights of the album.

DVDs From The Early 2000s - CD skipping track. How much this conveys the feeling of the nostalgic 2000s is questionable. Maybe I'm not American enough for this to evoke a feeling.

𝑚𝑎𝑦𝑏𝑒 𝑖 𝑑𝑜𝑛'𝑡 𝑛𝑒𝑒𝑑 𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑠𝑡𝑎𝑛𝑡 𝑎𝑝𝑝𝑟𝑜𝑣𝑎𝑙 𝑎𝑛𝑦𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒... - This may sound rude, but this sounds like someone threw a dying Nokia 3310 in a blender while it was receiving a call. Albeit sounding much better than it would in practice.

Left Wondering What Could Have Been - The final track of this album. Ambient noise, sounds like crooked meditation music. Nothing else to say.

Despite Airmass claiming this as his worst release, I'd say otherwise. While yes, it is not the best album in the world, it held its own. The noise was a surprise at first, but it became old really quickly and towards the end of the album I found it more frustating to listen to. The breakcore and plunderphonic tracks on this were definitely the more favorable songs in this album. If I had to describe this album, then I'd describe it as someone or something you'd find fascinating as a child, but nothing remarkable as an adult.

Rating: 5/10

Best tracks:

  • An Anarchist's Guide To Letting A Vitamin Control The Government
  • Depressed" Teenagers That Listen To "Real Music"
  • Pompous Fat Man Thinks He Can Come Up With A Good Song Title
  • So Similar Do I Too Prance Around In My Yellow Morph Suit

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