Off to the second non-physical release on emcd, we have Volume One by the group Offshoot Offshoot (consisting of Jack Lillard, Occasional Others, & MTS AIRMASS). Right off the bat I can notice the shorter run time and the ambient tag, which both are very welcoming. Already promising.

Part 01 - Eccentric beginning, weird electronic noises mixed with Spanish dialogue. Definitely a great moodsetter for the whole album.

Part 02 - Starts off with some slamming percussion while the background melody evolves into enjoyable ambience. Would prefer it without the percussion, but a good track nonetheless.

Part 03 - No percussion here, pure ambience, with some noisy bits towards the end. Not as great as the second track, but good in its own right.

Part 04 - Seems to be a continuation of the third track at first. The beginning turns from percussion quickly into a Blank Banshee-esque ambience, which sounds awesome. This would definitely have a place in an old Dreamcast/PS1 game.

Part 05 - Cave ambience, definitely. Reminds me of Yume Nikki.

Part 06 - Maybe the most abstract track off of this. This track reminds me of falling and breaking glass.

Part 07 - The final track. Very noisy and glitchy. Not the best track but definitely a strong finish.

This was definitely better than the previous album, without a doubt. A very enjoyable glitchy ambient album. I can imagine myself coming back to this. 7/10

Best tracks:

  • Part 02
  • Part 04

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